3 Quick DIY Makeover Ideas for Small Yards

If there was only one good thing to come out of the lockdown, it’s that we really started to appreciate our outdoor space at home.

Being stuck indoors all day isn’t ideal, but being able to escape to your own mini slice of fresh air and paradise became a solace for many.

Those with large gardens have likely already reaped the rewards of their past investment, but if you only have a small yard space to work with, you might need to get a little more creative.

Good news is, there are plenty of ideas flying around on social media, and none of them cost the earth, so if you’re looking for a fun little weekend project whilst avoiding the social-distancing queues, why not try one of these easy projects?

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Build a Fold-Down Bar

Why not try this great bar tutorial from CassieFairy.com?

We’ve loomed jealously on Instagram, pining for one of these ingenious bar solutions.

It’s all the rage to have a backyard bar these days, nothing can beat sipping a homemade cocktail in your own little sun trap!

But if you have a tiny yard, it can be tricky to fit in a traditional style bar, so instead, why not try to make your own fold-down bar?

Attach timber shelving to a stable wall such as a sturdy fence or the side of your house, you can even re-purpose a pallet.

Then attach an extension to your bar with hinges, and stabilise with chains. Paint to make it pretty, and you can even consider adding solar fairy lights for a bit of extra glamour!

Create Your Own Multi-Level, Space-Saving Planter

When you’re out of space, build up!

When landowners wanted to make the most of a small plot in New York City, there was only one option – build up!

The same rules can apply to a small yard space; instead of trying to squeeze lots of pots next to each other, you can layer planters on multiple levels.

This capitalises on your space, meaning you can fit a wide variety of plants in different colours and textures, in one small area.

Try building some simple steps out of timber, or create a tiered ladder that leans against the wall. There are plenty of clever solutions, so get creative!

Create Integrated Seating

Pallets make an affordable seating solution

A table and chair set can look cluttered and overwhelming in a small yard, a better solution is to create some integrated seating, so your yard has a more visually appealing flow.

Try clearing out your yard and creating a homemade corner seating arrangement. Use timber or pallets to create low, comfy seating and cover them in piles of cosy cushions!

If you treat the wood properly, you won’t need to worry about them wearing down in the weather either, unlike garden furniture which usually needs to be stored away.

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